We have 90 children and 32 more in Secondary and Tertiary Education, including 6 at University
Double Joy has its own nursery and primary school, and provides an accelerated learning scheme for children who are behind with their education
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To continue our vital work we need your help!
Anything you can give, no matter how small, goes towards saving the lives of those who are left behind by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
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We are a small charity and less than 1% of donated money goes on our running costs
Our children learn to keep animals and grow food. The older children have a small plot or shamba where he or she can choose and grow crops.
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The children are also taught vocational skills, necessary to lead independent and productive lives
Finding employment in Kenya is not easy but we employ technicians to teach carpentry, tailoring and bicycle repair.
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At Double Joy, we offer food and accommodation to the elderly, too
Due to the Aids pandemic, the older generation were left unsupported at a time when traditionally, their chidren would be expected to be able to look after them after they retired from farming
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Double Joy is a school and home for 90 children in Kenya orphaned by Aids

We currently spend a maximum of just 3% of income on administration costs

There are a million orphans in Kenya and although the infection rate for HIV and Aids is now decreasing, the rate of people dying is increasing.

This means there are growing numbers of orphans living in child-headed families.

Children are caring for dying parents and their younger siblings and as a consequence many are unable to go to school and are vulnerable to abuse.

One girl, now at Double Joy, was made to be a ‘maid’ at 8 years old and moved to another area, where no one spoke her language, working long hours unpaid.

Without our help, if the children survive the loss of both parents they are condemned to a life of poverty, abuse, discrimination and even slavery.

We are committed to sending a regular £6000 per month from the UK to maintain the home and school.

We are a small charity with no paid staff and less than 1% of money donated goes on our running costs.

To continue our vital work we need your help!

Anything you can give – no matter how small – goes towards saving the lives of those who are left behind by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

We are not connected to any religion and the children follow which ever denomination they are brought up in

  • We provide a home and school for these child-headed families whilst preserving links with their original extended families.

  • We facilitate siblings living together in small houses.

  • Staff:child ratio is high so children receive a lot of adult attention and class sizes are kept small.

  • Teachers develop a good understanding of the children’s needs and in certain cases may act as parent substitutes.

  • We provide good health care for the children with a nurse on site and check-ups at the nearest private hospital in Kisumu

We keep administration costs to an absolute minimum and currently spend a maximum of 3% of income on this

  • We prepare children for independent living and all are funded through further education or vocational training once they leave.
  • Boys’ ancestral land inheritance is registered to preserve it for when they are old enough to inherit.

  • We reinforce positive behaviour, minimise punishment and forbid corporal punishment.

  • We also offer food and accommodation to the elder generation